Everything’s Alright

“This is a fecund track.”

Oh little baby
“Oh little baby…” Image credit: Markus Klinko

We talk eyebrows, a guitar shaped like oneself, and Six Degrees of Dave Grohl. Plus, Thomas forgets Richard Hatch’s name (and his role on the original Battlestar Galactica). Did you miss us? Don’t worry, “Everything’s Alright!”

Everyone Says ‘Hi’

“Relentlessly cheery…”

Everyone Says ‘Hi’
“You can always phone”

David Bowie never waves bye-bye, because “Everyone Says ‘Hi!’”

’87 And Cry

“Duck Tales is the kid-friendly version of Indecent Proposal

You can't make love with money.
“You can’t make love with money.”

David Bowie schools us on class warfare, trickle-down economics, and irresponsible child-rearing. Eighty-six that smile, you; we’ll give you something to “’87 and Cry” about!

Eight Line Poem

“Needles everywhere!”

“Clara puts her head between her paws.”

Plenty of tactful cactus innuendo as we discuss David Bowie’s “Eight Line Poem.”

The Drowned Girl

“After you get your hands on duck weed, everything makes you quack up.”

The Drowned Girl
“Once her pallid trunk had rotted beyond repair…”

What do gorilla drummers, Northeastern kids, and flat adverbs have in common? They’re all utterly unrelated to David Bowie’s “The Drowned Girl!”

Drive-In Saturday

“Kids love Deliverance.”

Soylent Green
“Don’t forget to turn on the light…”

Why does David Bowie looks so disappointed on this album cover? Plus Jagger stag films, and more post-apocalyptic stuff! Keep your weekend open, because we’re going to the “Drive-In Saturday!”

The Dreamers

“The precursor to the running man.”

Freddie and The Dreamers
“These are the days, boys”

Boy bands entrancing you with ridiculous dance moves? Can’t help getting force-fed by a post-apocalyptic raven militia? Wake up! You’re one of “The Dreamers!”

Don’t Sit Down

“A nice bluesy jam between two slices of hippy bread.”

Dancing Baby
“Yeah yeah, baby, yeah”

When David Bowie presents a song with a message and values we stand for, we “Don’t Sit Down!”

Don’t Look Down

“A mystery wrapped in an enigma stuffed inside a turducken.”

“When I hear that crazy sound, I don’t look down”

David Bowie goes reggae, a genre we both gush over. In fact we mostly talk about that, but “Don’t Look Down” on us, because we also discuss this song!

Don’t Let Me Down & Down

“Cheddar and synthesizers.”

Cheese On Cheese
“Cheese on cheese”

David Bowie ramps up the 80’s cheese & cheese. Get ready for some slow jam & jams. But whatever you do & do, “Don’t Let Me Down & Down!”