Aladdin Sane (1913–1938–197?)

“It’s like the Quentin Tarantino movie of piano solos.”

Who will love Aladdin Sane? Find out today on From A To Ziggy!

Alabama Song

“… And John Leguizamo in shortface.”

As made famous by The Doors, Bowie takes us back to the source, reviving Lotte Lenya’s rendition of this number. The Doors made drinking sound fun before we were legally allowed to imbibe the crazy water, but Bowie’s version reminds us more of what it’s really like to be drunk.

Plus we develop a conspiracy theory that Bowie planned this whole alphabetical exploration into his oeuvre from the beginning! Oh, don’t ask why! Just listen to this episode of From A To Ziggy!

After Today

“I want the montage of me turning my life around set to this song.”

Pure optimism! Find out which of us is lukewarm to peppy vibrancy, and which of us hates being happy.

After All

“Oh by jingo!”

The Neverending Story is basically Crowley for six-year-olds. Speaking of not speaking of ’80s childrens’s movies, wasn’t Labyrinth great? We bring up Beatles once again, and the stylophone makes its first appearance. (Or at least Thomas thinks it does. Send corrections to!)

Travis wagers Tori Amos’ cover sounds very good, but we still haven’t listened to it. Like any good bloggers, we report on things we have no direct knowledge of, then rely on the 24-hour news cycle to smooth things out. We also give our definitive review of The White Album. And Thomas mistakes an upper for a downer. (Oops!)

Thanks for listening to the second week of From A To Ziggy!

African Night Flight

“David Bowie invented rap.”

Don’t worry, we immediately redact that pull quote. Inspired by German airmen stationed in Kenya, Bowie does however spit anachronistic, stream-of-consciousness flow that would seem to fit just as well on Kid A as on Stankonia.

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“I wish I was a little bit taller…”

Do you believe in Beatles, or do you just believe in John? We discuss Bowie’s ironic twist on the comforts of delusion in the face of self-doubt. We stumble through the lyrics to Skee-Lo’s 1995 hit song “I Wish.” Thomas forgets the name of Psych-101 shibboleth Maslow. (Bad college graduate!) And just how hard is it to lock Mick Jagger and Keith Richards in a room together?

Gather your resolve, and confront (or at least ignore) your deepest existential fears. It’s From A To Ziggy!

Across The Universe

“It is David Bowie being the Bowiest he could possibly be.”

Like Superman and Batman. Like Fred Flintsone and George Jetson. Like peanut butter and bananas. Seldom does a meeting of such colossal importance shake the foundations of what we previously imagined possible as when David Bowie met John Lennon.

Ending our week on a high note, we discuss this epic Bowie/Lennon collaboration (no, not that one). We also mention Beck, Jon Brion, and I ♥︎ Huckabees. Plus, find out who doesn’t actually like Let It Be!

Question: If David Bowie took up the pop baton from The Beatles, who took it up from Bowie? Leave a comment here or on our Facebook page.

Absolute Beginners

“It was Zoobilee Zoo by way of Casablanca.”

Love song or cliche? With an 80s music video like this one, who cares?! Thomas and Travis talk about the song, but also Flight of the Conchords, grunge music, a weird 80s kids’ show, S Club 7, and a rumor Thomas once heard about British cinema procedure.


“This is the first song on my David Bowie mixtape!”

We discuss an obscure instrumental out-take from the “Heroes” sessions, as well as 90s electronic music, Nintendo 64, and cultural appropriation. Welcome to the show!