Don’t Bring Me Down

“On the floor in your man cave is not classy enough to go French on.”

Dave Cave
“I got this pad just like a cave…”

What kind of pillows are these for my David Bowie man cave? I asked for horse hair! “Don’t Bring Me Down!”

PS: Thomas is totally serious about changing his name if you send him stuff.

Dollar Days

“Fun with homophones!”

Dollar Dyes
“I’m dying too…”

Life not making cents? Currency-vents giving you banksiety? Have some Denver mint tea, settle up, and take an interest in “Dollar Days!”


“Orwell, that’s life.”

“Can you wipe your nose, my child, without them slotting in your file a photograph?”

Totalitarianism, your permanent record, and you. Didn’t hear it from us, but you will on this episode: it’s “Dodo!”

Do Anything You Say

“Kinda pathetic, really.”

David Bowie Sad
“Hand in hand, they watch me cry…”

Three Ninjas, young David Bowie goes emo (again), and Dusty Springfield chimes in! Want us to talk about these things and more? Sure, we’ll “Do Anything You Say!”

The Dirty Song

“Mouth love songs. And songs love mouth.”

The Dirty Song
“I smile and go off waving—amiably…”

What do bottled water facts and mouth-love playlists have in common? They’re both explored—thoroughly (for that’s our way)—in our episode on “The Dirty Song!”

Dirty Boys

“Kinda old-timey danger”

hold your tongue
“You’ve got to learn to hold your tongue…”

A gang of James Cagney-like street toughs visits the library. And just how polite are Canadian drug dealers? Take a powder, bluenose; we’re running with the “Dirty Boys!”

Did You Ever Have A Dream

“The hero is a guy named Hugh.”

Did You Ever Have A Dream
“Have you ever woken up one day with the feeling that you’ve been away?”

Places to go, people to see, languages to speak! “Did You Ever Have A Dream?”

Diamond Dogs

“How better to command Hunger City than astride my tiny horse!”

Halloween Jack
“Halloween Jack was a real cool cat…”

Before Cat People, David Bowie brought us dog people, tiny horses, the whole apocalyptic menagerie. Keep cool, Adam and Mike return for “Diamond Dogs!”

Dead Man Walking

“There’d just been a war, so you had to make riffs last.”

Neil Young
“Is it all just human disguise? As I walk down the aisle…”

Mike and Adam return to discuss Neil Young, Jimmy Page, and low-budget gangster flicks starring David Bowie. Let us dance, dance, dance, like a “Dead Man Walking!”

Dead Against It

“It’s like Aqua tried to write an indie record.”

Dead Against It
“And when she drowns within and in the fizzy gin, begins to sigh…”

Join guests Adam and Mike from Breaking Glass — The Bowie Catalog to decide whether we support this David Bowie song or we’re “Dead Against It!”