“Some good old-fashioned dwelling.”

My Cousin Lil
“My crazy brain in tangles…”

David Bowie really knows how to bum us out. No matter; we could talk about his songs all the “Days” of our lives!

Day-In Day-Out

“Like the Energizer Bunny but with an 80’s guitar instead of drums.”

“What she lacks is a backup…”

Ready for another episode? We’re talking about David Bowie “Day-In Day-Out!”

Dancing With The Big Boys

“So 80’s”

80s laser graphics
“This can be embarrassing”

David Bowie brings his friends Carlos and Iggy. Now we’re “Dancing With The Big Boys!”

Dancing Out In Space

“What if the dog knows all languages but can only speak in Dog…?”

Georges Rodenbach
“Silent as Georges Rodenbach…”

Deep and important themes are revealed—something like religion—in our close reading of David Bowie’s “Dancing Out In Space!”

Dancing In The Street

“Like Pacino and De Niro doing Gone Fishin’.”

Mick's in space
“Mick‘s In Space!”

David Bowie and Mick Jagger dispense questionable advice, but we follow them anyway and go “Dancing In The Street!”


Hey, DJ!

Cygnet Committee

“He was in a pretty fowl mood….”

“Our weapons were the tongues of crying rage.”

We join David Bowie in vehemently rejecting all things swan and opposing the agenda of the “Cygnet Committee!”

Crystal Japan

“For fifteen seconds it’s like watching Twin Peaks.”

Crystal Japan
“Right now.”

David Bowie travels to Japan to star in commercials. Trusted soft drink companies make dodgy new product choices. And MTV VJs are collected like Pokémon. In these times, why not enjoy the cool, refreshing taste of “Crystal Japan!”

Criminal World

“Less dance.”

Bowie-face baby
“Where the girls are like baby-face Bowies”

Did David Bowie forsake some of his fans by backpedalling about his sexuality? Which artists are allowed to change the lyrics to songs? The wrong words make us listen in this “Criminal World!”

Cracked Actor

“Second/early third act of any E! True Hollywood Story”

Cracked Actor
“Alas, poor Yorick. I viewed his reel.”

David Bowie brings Ziggy to La-la-land, encounters an agent of The World’s Oldest Profession™, and stars in a couple films to become a “Cracked Actor!”