Conversation Piece

“It’s like the end of The Sopranos.”

Bowie Bridge
“A bit rough, but there you are.”

All we are saying is give “Conversation Piece” a chance!

All The Madmen

“If our music teacher when we were in school wanted us to not dismiss recorders, they probably should’ve just played this song.”

We take a long look at mental illness and Nietzsche. Also The Matrix! (But not the sequels.) Yea, into the evil! From our cellar dark and grim, join us for this episode of From A To Ziggy!

Also in this episode, we talk about the Beck/Nirvana cover of “The Man Who Sold The World” and Lady Gaga’s tribute at the Grammys.

After All

“Oh by jingo!”

The Neverending Story is basically Crowley for six-year-olds. Speaking of not speaking of ’80s childrens’s movies, wasn’t Labyrinth great? We bring up Beatles once again, and the stylophone makes its first appearance. (Or at least Thomas thinks it does. Send corrections to!)

Travis wagers Tori Amos’ cover sounds very good, but we still haven’t listened to it. Like any good bloggers, we report on things we have no direct knowledge of, then rely on the 24-hour news cycle to smooth things out. We also give our definitive review of The White Album. And Thomas mistakes an upper for a downer. (Oops!)

Thanks for listening to the second week of From A To Ziggy!