Everything’s Alright

“This is a fecund track.”

Oh little baby
“Oh little baby…” Image credit: Markus Klinko

We talk eyebrows, a guitar shaped like oneself, and Six Degrees of Dave Grohl. Plus, Thomas forgets Richard Hatch’s name (and his role on the original Battlestar Galactica). Did you miss us? Don’t worry, “Everything’s Alright!”

Drive-In Saturday

“Kids love Deliverance.”

Soylent Green
“Don’t forget to turn on the light…”

Why does David Bowie looks so disappointed on this album cover? Plus Jagger stag films, and more post-apocalyptic stuff! Keep your weekend open, because we’re going to the “Drive-In Saturday!”

Don’t Bring Me Down

“On the floor in your man cave is not classy enough to go French on.”

Dave Cave
“I got this pad just like a cave…”

What kind of pillows are these for my David Bowie man cave? I asked for horse hair! “Don’t Bring Me Down!”

PS: Thomas is totally serious about changing his name if you send him stuff.

Cracked Actor

“Second/early third act of any E! True Hollywood Story”

Cracked Actor
“Alas, poor Yorick. I viewed his reel.”

David Bowie brings Ziggy to La-la-land, encounters an agent of The World’s Oldest Profession™, and stars in a couple films to become a “Cracked Actor!”

Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere

We can talk anyhow (and get along) If we can only remember the name of this song. Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere!


“And it turned out I was accidentally at a rave.”

We talk about our mutual love for dub  before suddenly remembering this episode is about David Bowie’s rendition of a Jacques Brel song. We then quickly derail into a polemic against accidental misogyny. Join us in a dark, dank sailor bar filled with salty seamen here in Amsterdam!

Aladdin Sane (1913–1938–197?)

“It’s like the Quentin Tarantino movie of piano solos.”

Who will love Aladdin Sane? Find out today on From A To Ziggy!