“Orwell, that’s life.”

“Can you wipe your nose, my child, without them slotting in your file a photograph?”

Totalitarianism, your permanent record, and you. Didn’t hear it from us, but you will on this episode: it’s “Dodo!”

Diamond Dogs

“How better to command Hunger City than astride my tiny horse!”

Halloween Jack
“Halloween Jack was a real cool cat…”

Before Cat People, David Bowie brought us dog people, tiny horses, the whole apocalyptic menagerie. Keep cool, Adam and Mike return for “Diamond Dogs!”

Chant Of The Ever-Circling Skeletal Family

“Reveling in the dystopia…”

Skeletal family
“Shake it up, shake it up”

Get those old bones a-shakin’ and a-movin’ with “Chant Of The Ever-Circling Skeletal Family.”

Candidate (demo)

“I feel like there’s an episode of Saved By The Bell like that.”

Gazelling on stage
“I make it a thing when I gazelle on stage to believe in myself”

It’s August, and you know what that means. “Candied Dates!” Mmm… (It’s the demo version of “Candidate” today, folks.)


“Binders full of sets…”

Synechdoche, New York
“My set is amazing; it even smells like a street.”

Looking for a David Bowie song to analyze? We present you with a “Candidate!”

Big Brother

“Gold-tipped match sticks”

Big Brother
“Someone like you”

Ignorance is strength as we try to recall that book we totally read in school and how it relates to “Big Brother!”

After Today

“I want the montage of me turning my life around set to this song.”

Pure optimism! Find out which of us is lukewarm to peppy vibrancy, and which of us hates being happy.