Crystal Japan

“For fifteen seconds it’s like watching Twin Peaks.”

Crystal Japan
“Right now.”

David Bowie travels to Japan to star in commercials. Trusted soft drink companies make dodgy new product choices. And MTV VJs are collected like Pokémon. In these times, why not enjoy the cool, refreshing taste of “Crystal Japan!”

Because You’re Young

“The Macarena that is existence.”

The Mill And The Cross
“So I’ll dance my life away…”

Why should you listen to us talk about life, love, and Pete Townshend windmilling on a David Bowie song? “Because You’re Young!”

Ashes To Ashes

“We’re jumping into the franchise and missing the origin story.”

Do you remember a guy that’s been in a song we haven’t discussed yet? No spoilers! It’s Ashes To Ashes!

Alabama Song

“… And John Leguizamo in shortface.”

As made famous by The Doors, Bowie takes us back to the source, reviving Lotte Lenya’s rendition of this number. The Doors made drinking sound fun before we were legally allowed to imbibe the crazy water, but Bowie’s version reminds us more of what it’s really like to be drunk.

Plus we develop a conspiracy theory that Bowie planned this whole alphabetical exploration into his oeuvre from the beginning! Oh, don’t ask why! Just listen to this episode of From A To Ziggy!