’87 And Cry

“Duck Tales is the kid-friendly version of Indecent Proposal

You can't make love with money.
“You can’t make love with money.”

David Bowie schools us on class warfare, trickle-down economics, and irresponsible child-rearing. Eighty-six that smile, you; we’ll give you something to “’87 and Cry” about!

Day-In Day-Out

“Like the Energizer Bunny but with an 80’s guitar instead of drums.”

“What she lacks is a backup…”

Ready for another episode? We’re talking about David Bowie “Day-In Day-Out!”

Beat Of Your Drum

“This would be in the gritty reboot of Labyrinth.”

Vladimir Nabokov
“Prison can’t hold all this greedy intention”

David Bowie wants you to come out and play rhythm because he likes the “Beat Of Your Drum!”

Bang Bang

“This is the kind of song where cocaine gets a writing credit in the liner notes.”

Foghorn Leghorn
“You all ought to be in pictures!”

David Bowie Bowie makes Iggy Pop pop in his own cover cover of the song “Bang Bang!”