The Drowned Girl

“After you get your hands on duck weed, everything makes you quack up.”

The Drowned Girl
“Once her pallid trunk had rotted beyond repair…”

What do gorilla drummers, Northeastern kids, and flat adverbs have in common? They’re all utterly unrelated to David Bowie’s “The Drowned Girl!”

The Dirty Song

“Mouth love songs. And songs love mouth.”

The Dirty Song
“I smile and go off waving—amiably…”

What do bottled water facts and mouth-love playlists have in common? They’re both explored—thoroughly (for that’s our way)—in our episode on “The Dirty Song!”

Ballad Of The Adventurers

“He’s like an ancient version of Patti Smith.”


Baal returns to sing the prelude to his own death. We also talk about the Saddest Song Ever Written™, but this episode is mostly about the Holy Holy show last week! It’s “Ballad Of The Adventurers!”

Baal’s Hymn

“He wants the Young Bavarians.”

Vultures in the stormy sky
Baal can see the vultures in the stormy sky

Pull up a chair and have some vulture soup as we listen to “Baal’s Hymn!”