Criminal World

“Less dance.”

Bowie-face baby
“Where the girls are like baby-face Bowies”

Did David Bowie forsake some of his fans by backpedalling about his sexuality? Which artists are allowed to change the lyrics to songs? The wrong words make us listen in this “Criminal World!”

China Girl

Marlon Brando
“I feel a-tragic like I’m Marlon Brando.”

We can’t escape this feeling that this song’s a little racist—and not in a good way. Guest Abby drops in to help us decide on “China Girl!”

Cat People (Putting Out Fire)

Cat People is an erotic thriller in the same way Caligula is a historical epic.”

Cat People (Putting Out Fire)
And I’ve been spitting out fibers… with vaseline

Today we discuss a song (and the remake of a song) that’s the theme to a movie that’s a remake of another movie. We also discuss the movie (the remake, not the original). Also Australian music, hipster fire departments, and explosive guitar solos. All this at no additional cost when you listen to “Cat People (Putting Out Fire)!”