Do Anything You Say

“Kinda pathetic, really.”

David Bowie Sad
“Hand in hand, they watch me cry…”

Three Ninjas, young David Bowie goes emo (again), and Dusty Springfield chimes in! Want us to talk about these things and more? Sure, we’ll “Do Anything You Say!”

Can’t Help Thinking About Me

“The mid-60’s DB equivalent to the sad piano music at the end of The Incredible Hulk.”

Can't Help Thinking About Me
“Everyone says ‘Hi, Dave!’”

Can’t help listening to the show? Good, because we can’t help talking about “Can’t Help Thinking About Me!”

And I Say To Myself

“The quintessential Nice Guy(TM) song.”

Our earliest David Bowie song so far, in which a lonely young man vents his frustration and blames the object of his affection for continually rejecting his advances. Just how narcissistic is this song? We calculated that for you! (Spoiler: the answer is “very.”) And we say to you, listener, join us for “And I Say To Myself.”