Candidate (demo)

“I feel like there’s an episode of Saved By The Bell like that.”

Gazelling on stage
“I make it a thing when I gazelle on stage to believe in myself”

It’s August, and you know what that means. “Candied Dates!” Mmm… (It’s the demo version of “Candidate” today, folks.)


“If you play ‘Bombers’ backward it sounds like a weed-wacker.”

Slim Pickens
“Seemed a good idea…”

It’s death, destruction, and doo-wop vocals today as we discuss “Bombers!”


“This is the first song on my David Bowie mixtape!”

We discuss an obscure instrumental out-take from the “Heroes” sessions, as well as 90s electronic music, Nintendo 64, and cultural appropriation. Welcome to the show!