Dirty Boys

“Kinda old-timey danger”

hold your tongue
“You’ve got to learn to hold your tongue…”

A gang of James Cagney-like street toughs visits the library. And just how polite are Canadian drug dealers? Take a powder, bluenose; we’re running with the “Dirty Boys!”

Dancing Out In Space

“What if the dog knows all languages but can only speak in Dog…?”

Georges Rodenbach
“Silent as Georges Rodenbach…”

Deep and important themes are revealed—something like religion—in our close reading of David Bowie’s “Dancing Out In Space!”

Boss Of Me

“Great mixtape material”

Boss ME-80
“Tell me when you’re cool again”

Want us to talk more about music theory and song structure? You’re not the “Boss Of Me!” (But stick around, because this episode won’t disappoint!)