Eight Line Poem

“Needles everywhere!”

“Clara puts her head between her paws.”

Plenty of tactful cactus innuendo as we discuss David Bowie’s “Eight Line Poem.”


Ch-ch-ch-check out our latest episode on a wee quaint number called “Changes!”



“If you play ‘Bombers’ backward it sounds like a weed-wacker.”

Slim Pickens
“Seemed a good idea…”

It’s death, destruction, and doo-wop vocals today as we discuss “Bombers!”

Black Country Rock

“Putting Lego bricks together to build a structure out of it—except, guitar.”

The Black Rock
“Rest up here…”

You never know, we might talk about Richard Linklater movies here on “Black Country Rock!”

The Bewlay Brothers

“It’s like Koyaanisqatsi the song.”

Heads of Brawn
“And their heads of brawn were nicer shorn…”

Travis and Thomas purport to unpack the multifaceted meanings of “The Bewlay Brothers.”

Andy Warhol

“You don’t even have to know what Andy Warhol looks like to know what Andy Warhol looks like.”

The man. The myth. The legend. We discuss all things “Andy Warhol.”